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Senator Andy Doubles Down in Ruthless Attack on Small Business in his District

Updated: Apr 27

Alabama State Senator for District 10 Andrew Jones has been busy leading a relentless assault to shut down the Indian Mountain ATV Park, mercilessly leveraging his extensive connections in state and local government as well as mainstream media to destroy this small business in rural Cherokee County that falls within his district. Significant pushback has formed amongst legislators in Montgomery and citizens across Alabama against Senator Andy's misguided legislation which may have caught him flat footed and prompted his doubling down on the ruinous attempt at government overreach.

Did Senator Andy strongarm the Cherokee County Commission into supporting his toxic legislation by threatening to withhold state funds if they failed to bend to his iron will during their closed door session that excluded members of the public? Could it be that there is more than meets the eye going on behind the scenes, with his big daddy Randy being a Cherokee County Commissioner? What about Cherokee County Commission Chairman Tim Burgess casting the deciding vote?

Of course, the downtown Birmingham cartel associates known as the ACCA, every single time. You can always count on those good ol' boys to be on the wrong side of anything bad that is going down in Alabama. According to Andy's presentation during the April 22nd Cherokee County Commission meeting, ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield himself helped craft the legislation aimed at shutting down the ATV park. What's more, Brasfield showed up in person to address a public hearing last week on the anti-ATV legislation at the Capitol Building in Montgomery in support of Andy's political skullduggery. Is it too soon to conclude that the fix is indeed in?

Would it be a surprise to discover that Andy's legislation is receiving aid and comfort from WHNT-19, the CBS television station out of Huntsville? Does CBS represent the values and beliefs of the majority of folks in Alabama? Does Senator Andy?

Major kudos to the Cherokee County Post-Herald for a more balanced perspective in their reporting.

How could we have reached this point of no return in Alabama where someone like Senator Andy can call themselves a conservative and carry on in such a way with a straight face?

Perhaps it is high time that we take a closer look and examine the case of Senator Andy, a politician who has all the makings of a Manchurian candidate. Where exactly is he coming from? Here is what it says on Andy's official website;

Andrew holds a Masters of Public Policy from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. As part of his degree, he was trained to closely look at legislation, budgets, and the impact of governmental policies.
Andrew has taken that experience to Montgomery. Andrew's graduate project was on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Rural Areas.

How many country boys do you know that have a masters degree in "public policy" from an elitist college in Virginia? Who are some other recent graduates of William and Mary that received their academic training there?

These are the sorts of characters that Senator Andy was rubbing elbows with in good ol' Virginny, it's all starting to make sense now. So what did Andy do with his masters degree once he graduated?

It must be nice owning a "craft coffee roasting company", but that package looks like some boujee wannabe starbucks crud, not the kind of brew that country folks would drink. Senator Andy's conservative lip service amounts to nothing more than a steaming pile of horse manure when his cheap talk is measured against his wanton acts of big government greed. How is shutting down a small business in Cherokee County advancing "entrepreneurship and economic development in rural areas" which he was supposedly trained to take to Montgomery with him? Andy's talking points state that he has "seen how over-regulation makes it difficult for hardworking folks to start a small business." What a darn laugh, Andy must be a Steve Miller Band fan because he sure as shootin' is The Joker. Andy might just have picked up that wicked sense of humor from some of his Hollywood classmates in "graduate school".

Fortunately there has been a bright spot amidst all of this Andy and Randy mess, and that is the regular folks ardently supporting the Indian Mountain ATV Park who know more about life, liberty and right from wrong than Senator Andy and the jackals surrounding him ever will. Once again, let's hear what the people have to say on the matter;

I would vote both of them out
Someone needs to do some digging into the insane amount of political corruption happening in that county.
They want to censor people and stop them from having fun that’s all. When all they do is provide a good revenue stream for multiple county’s. If the park is shut down all over a few neighbors. it’s ridiculous only 4 or 5 people complain and this starts happing. They want to tell privately owned land owners what they can do with their own property. Why don’t we shut down Walmart to stop shoplifting
Typical politicians.. all working for their own personal gain
Some developer probably has their eye on it for a subdivision
Looks like a bunch of old Karen’s
This is what you get when the commission hand picks all the cry babies especially the last one on the sound clip talking about 18 wheelers coming in and out, most of the people that live close to it really don't have a problem with it what so ever, they just want one side of the story that fits the narrative. Welcome to the Andy and Randy show folks
Pretty sure giving the local government more power won’t fix anything.
All about trying to steal a dollar
Power trip
We will do everything possible to get these idiots kicked out of office
Pure garbage
This is the biggest crock of BS I’ve ever heard!!
The disruption of a few take away from many. In America you have freedumb, not freedom. Screw Andrew jones
Sounds like the state wants to shut down private owned ORV parks to boost revenue in the state owned parks. I’m sure the state isn’t required to have the same insurance and follow the same regulations. Just more money that will go to the surrounding states thanks to bad legislation
since only the haters of the park was the only ones notified about this postponed an hour meeting
#1. Who’s records have you seen about EMS or Fire services to assume that the park airlifts on average 1 patient a month CAUSE THAT IS DEFINITELY UNTRUE! “I’m on Spring Garden’s volunteer fire department and most weekends we don’t even get paged out to anything pertaining the park!
#2. Why would 911 dispatch receive the “after hours curfew noise complaints”, So Cherokee county commission could charge the atv park $500 a complaint call?
#3. What sense dose it make to let the county commissioners control, engineer and permit the atv park that is privately owned and make them pay the county to be told and shown how to run their business?
#4. The last dude specking in the audio recording about 18wheelers pulling triple axel trailers, pulling another double axel trailer all hours of the night, I’ve NEVER SEEN OR HEARD them and I live two to three roads away from park, he must be dreaming about that!
ABC30 Action News, WSFA-TV, CBS 42, Fox News, WBRC FOX6 News, FOX10 News, WVTM 13, WAFF 48 News, WKRG
You guys need to look into this and do some reporting. An alabama senator is committing loads of ethics biolations that will cost the state millions in revenue if the bill he has introduced because of a personal vendetta passes!
This is so stupid. First they wanna take our guns second there destroying the hole United States. Then know there trying to close down all the ridding parks. What’s got into these folks we as an American people need to step up and take action against these crooks. Will can no longer ride in the dirt roads. I hope govern Ivey shuts this down. There is no since in this. This is supposed to be a free country what happened to it being free?
they don’t allow me in , but one thing they can’t control are these Alabama woods !
which park is he having beef with so I can support them some more!

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