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State Senator Andrew Jones Attacks ATV Park in his Own District

In a baffling act of big government overreach, Alabama State Senator for District 10 Andrew Jones has proposed local legislation for Cherokee County which is intended to destroy the Indian Mountain ATV Park in Piedmont through burdensome regulation. Jones had originally introduced SB254 on March 21st of 2024 which would have decimated ATV parks across the entire state. Senate colleagues rebuffed the wrongheaded anti-business legislation proposed by Jones in which he advocated for ATV control much in the same way that a big city liberal would push for gun control in the wake of a dubiously sensationalized "mass shooting".

Without any obvious explanation for the statewide anti-ATV crusade taken up by Senator Jones, the picture became a little clearer after his SB254 stalled out and he pivoted to an identical piece of local legislation that would only affect Cherokee County. Andrew's father just so happens to be Cherokee County Commissioner for District One Randy Jones. State Senate District 10 is surely keeping Andrew busy as it includes the counties of Cherokee, DeKalb and Etowah so at first glance it does not add up that he would focus in on an ATV park that is located inside his state senate district. However, once it is factored in that the ATV park in question falls within his father Randy's county commission district, Andrew's puzzling interest in the matter begins to become a bit clearer. It's the Andy 'n' Randy show in ol' Cherokee County!

State Senator Andy Jones

Big daddy Randy (left) with Junior (right)

Andy might have worked his way into the state senate, but it looks like the old man is still calling the shots as needed. In this case, a group of family members who own multiple properties adjacent to the Indian Mountain ATV Park, as well as having ties to Commissioner Randy Jones, raised enough Cain about their displeasure with the highly successful private business that it started to ring the bells of naked self interest in terms of muscling in on the money being made in the Jones boys backyard without them getting a cut.

Here is the public notice for Senator Andy's local legislation that has been run for the past several weeks in the area's local newspaper, the Cherokee County Post-Herald;

State Senator Jones has targeted the Indian Mountain ATV Park with this local legislation by;

  • Giving the Cherokee County Commission regulatory authority over the park.

  • Demanding that the park carry five million dollars of liability insurance coverage.

  • Designating the County Engineer as an agent of code enforcement over the park.

  • Authorizing the county commission to penalize the park $5,000 per day for being in violation of their dictates.

  • Weaponizing the Alabama Forestry Commission by enlisting them as regulatory enforcers over the park.

  • Exempting municipally operated ATV Parks from the legislation to give them an unfair monopolistic advantage over privately owned competitors.

News of the Jones boys dastardly deeds have reached far and wide courtesy of social media;

The above youtube video already has nearly ten-thousand views since being posted only eight days ago as of this writing. Here are some of the based comments on the youtube video;

Complain and vote the guy out even if it doesn't pass , vote him out just for trying.
I ride at the park in question,,will not ever find a better group of people than the owners,,,they do everything possible for that community,cancer research,veterans,etc. it is a way for a 58 year old man to unwind and forget about the ugly of the world for a while. The people that are using their power in government,live down the road from the park,father and son,,,it’s personal. The park owners have brought so much money to that county,fuel,food,etc,,,why not find a way to benefit instead of destroy peoples release,pleasure. Not to say,I,many just bought new buggies at $40,000 or better,and nowhere to ride. Crying shame. I’ll do what I can ,for sure.
This is 100% a personal attack from a senator on behalf of his friends/family. A REPUBLICAN senator. Make no mistake, this is to shut this place, and others like it, down. It’s disgusting to see such a personal attack, clearly an abuse of power IMO. This pisses me off to no end.
I think it’s a little more personal than just “speaking to a politician”. Seems to be some “friends and family favors” going on.
If a law creates an issue with liability for private business then it is not enforceable and void. Plenty of case law for that. Going after the senator for willful destruction of private business via watch dog groups will also correct the behavior on their part.
The right people are not getting any benefit from this , think about the people that this helps to support, the money it brings into the community, all of this is going to be lost!!!!!! The mom and pop stores will close the restaurants will close the small gas stations will close, closing these off road parks is going to cost these communities everything, they are not just hurting the off road park land owner, they are hurting hundreds of people that depend on the people who enjoy these parks!!!!! Politicians never think about the little people when doing this stuff, their just helping some friend that is disgruntled because he is not getting any money from this or gets to have any control over this!!!!! Everyone knows it started by one person that was jealous because they didn't think of it first and are not getting anything from it!!!!!!!!!!
This is imo, a personal attack on this park by a republican senator on behalf of his friends/family. It’s pretty disgusting.

Folks had plenty to say on facebook;

Many hard hitting comments were left on a page in support of the park as well;

I grew up riding, and now my husband and I go riding just to have like a date night/weekend date to ourselves but we also take our two kids, which enjoy it. Alabama senate needs to leave it alone and let us enjoy it! And in my experience most of the private owned ones are kept up, cleaner camp sites and keep the trails nicer and filled in so it’s not all so rutted out and just so much better than others, the government just needs to mind their own and leave it alone and let us southerners do our thing
I live in north Al and frequent several OHV riding parks in Alabama. We respect the community and the trails, making friends, family memories and spending money in the state. How a Republican would consider to take freedoms away from Businesses, Communities, Cities and Citizens enjoying the great outdoors fathoms me. Please I ask you to remove this bill from consideration. It would affect and harm so many.
This infringes on one’s right to do as they wish on private land. Anyone participating in off-road activities should already have liability insurance for their own vehicle. The right to the pursuit of happiness supersedes this politician’s attempt to get a pat on the head for being a bunny hugger.
We need to protect owners private property plus protect Alabama ATV parks.
These parks are privately owned and we need less government not more. Why should we have to pay to line pockets of politicians that do not care about the average working class people.
I enjoy Private Off Road Parks in Alabama and every other state I can get to. I base vacations and save funds to enjoy the Heflin Area and other state locations. I wouldn't think that the state my Mother was Born and raised in would try to take away outdoor recreation.
This is a true sign that the government is overstepping its boundaries. We the people voted you In and you can be voted out just the same.
Go away government.
This bill is totally bs, We all see what is going on. Make Senator Jones take care of the ONE PARK that brought this up and not hurt the rest of the business owners...
Private parks should not have to worry about going out of business by the governments hand. Family owned businesses have a hard time as it is without added hardships. Government should be supporting not trying to destroy them!!!
The senator is doing this for his personal benefit
Stop making fun illegal
How is it that the complaints of a few, could kill an entire industry? This doesn't just affect Indian Mountain. This will include all riding parks, effectively shutting down the powersports industry in Alabama. As an employee of a powersports dealership, this is terrifying. The job loss would be devastating for the parks, the dealerships, the atv/utv service business, and many more businesses that gain revenue from this industry. Not to mention the revenue brought in to the surrounding areas, the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are raised and donated to charity, along with so many more devastating effects. This whole thing is absurd. I can't imagine being so selfish, that I would destroy an entire industry and put thousands out of their jobs, just because I was occasionally inconvenienced.
Give them a inch and they will take a mile!!! More bs would follow as it always does. Just another money grabber. Shame on you Andrew Jones...your true colors are showing.
Those counties need to END his , so called, representation!
Andrew Jones is a liar and deserves to lose his seat
This bill is bullshit.
My family and riding friends try our best to attend an off-road park in the state of AL at least twice a month. My wife and four children love the outdoors and family time that off-road parks allow us on the trails. As a USMC veteran I am absolutely disgusted by the way this bill was introduced and has been handle by an elected official.
We don’t need anyone infringing on our right to enjoy the great outdoors!
The government already has their foot on our necks in every other aspect of life and I'll be damned if they take this from us too!!
This bill is bull crap the only reason it is being made it's because the county commissioner and senator Jones are mad and wanting to make money they should be sued and don't know what they're talking about Georgia has made side by side street legal now so what is the problem other than their butt hurt
I am a Louisiana resident that travels to Alabama to go ride off road and enjoy what Alabama has to offer. This looks to be a total railroading of a private ride park due to someone's family member, 1 person that has connections, with an issue. I stand with Indian Mountain and all the other private off road facilities in the state of Alabama.
I believe this bill was introduced by a Senator who has a father that’s a County Commissioner that has been harassing a private park.

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